About us:
Moano is a technology company established in Istanbul in 2006. Towards the end of 2019, as a result of his research on a global scale, he started his attempts to produce his own crypto currency and take his place in the stock exchanges. On 29.03.2022, he published Moano Moix Token and took his first step into the crypto world.



company continues its activities in many areas such as mining, internal foreign trade, electronics, food, tourism, construction, animal husbandry, greenhouse, floriculture, art and journalism.



Our company employs over 1300 people, including expert staff in their fields. In addition, we continue to include our growing and developing company every day every day.


Our subsidiaries:

The capital of our company, which has an investment network of $ 1.4 billion in Turkey, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia, is increasing every year.


Our brands:

Moano, Charging Station, Solar Panel, Accor, Beel, Adac is one of the leading organizations of our major brands.