Privacy Policy

As MOIX, we are strongly determined to protect and respect your privacy.

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) includes content, software and mobile applications (collectively “service”) associated with (“Website”).

This Privacy Policy, people who visit or use our services, explain when and how and how we collect your personal information about the conditions and how we keep your personal information safe.

We can change this privacy policy from time to time, so please check this page from time to time to make sure you are satisfied with any change. By using our website or services, you agree to adhere to this privacy policy.


What information do we collect?

MOANO(“MOIX”, “MOIXToken” or “MOANO MOIX”) (A) Collects the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail; (b) Total information about which pages of users access or visit; (c) Information provided by the user (such as survey information and/or site records); and (d) Information about your use of the website and/or mobile application, including IP address, device identity, geographical location and date and time of your request; (e) Other information that you can voluntarily provide. If you decide to join one of our campaigns, we can collect your e -mail address and wallet identity.


How do we use the information?

MOIX uses the information collected for the following purposes:

Take steps connected to a contract such as fulfilling a contract or submitting your registration on our website or sending information about changes in our terms or policies;

Providing the information or content you demand in legitimate interests of MOIX(A); (b) Contact you about our programs, products, features or services; (c) internal business purposes such as developing our services and authentication and authentication or customer service, portfolio monitoring and user preference synchronization between devices; (d) To ensure the security of our website by trying to prevent unauthorized or malicious activities; (e) To apply compliance with our conditions of use and other policies; (f) to assist in applying the rights of other organizations (such as copyright holders); and (g) adapt content, ads and offers for you or for other purposes described during the collection.

If you do not want to get marketing information about our programs, products, features or services, you can disable marketing communication.

(A) you want us to send you marketing information through an environment in which we need your consent, including warnings through mobile push notifications; (b) You will give us the consent of placement and use of similar technologies; and (c) In other cases we want to consent from you for another purpose that may arise.

The place we need to do legally. In addition, we can access your personal identifiable information if necessary, if necessary, to do so, to cooperate with police investigations or other legal procedures, to protect against the abuse or unauthorized use of our website, to limit our legal responsibility and to protect our rights or to protect our rights, or the rights of the website or public visitors Protect safety. In these cases, the information is provided only for this purpose.


How do we share your information?

We do not sell your personal data to other organizations for commercial purposes. We also share your personal information only to share the products or services you require when you have permission or under the following conditions:

Illegal activities, suspicious fraud, situations containing potential threats to any person's physical security, violation of the conditions of service, or to investigate, prevent or activate the situations required by law.

In our name, we offer personal information to reliable businesses or people to identify information and provide service to us. When this is done, it is subject to agreements that force such information to process such information only in our instructions and in accordance with this privacy policy and appropriate privacy and safety measures.

We offer such information to third parties who make confidentiality contracts with us.

We present this information to a company controlled by MOIX for any purpose that this privacy policy permitted.

We can only collect data for statistical and research purposes, anonymous and publish data. For example, we can compile and share information about the popularity of certain products monitored by users. In any case, information is up to any person.



We take precautions to ensure the security of your personal information. We ensure that our website is protected by reasonable security measures provided by the existing technology and all our data hosts and servers are protected in a similar way with such security measures, including the firewalls but not limited to them. We strongly recommend that you change your password frequently and use the same password for different websites.

We cannot protect the information you have conveyed to other users, and we cannot implement this privacy policy. You should never forward personal or descriptive information to other users.


Keeping your personal information

In order to protect such information further, we keep the information as long as you need to provide the services requested by you and others. Information associated with your account will usually be stored to those who do not need to provide services or who want to delete us or whichever comes first until your account is deleted. In addition, we can store information from deleted accounts to comply with laws, prevent fraud, solve disputes, resolving problems, assisting investigations, helping investigations, applying the conditions of use and performing other actions permitted by law. The information we keep in hand will be discussed in accordance with this privacy policy.



We do not collect information from children under 18 years of age. Children aged 17 and under should not provide any personal information without the permission of their parents or their parents. Using the MOIX service, you represent at least 18 years old.


Rights of EU and AEA users

If you are a resident of the European economic field, you usually have the right to restrict and obey your information on accessing, correcting, downloading or deleting your information and a certain processing of your information. Although some of these rights are generally valid, certain rights are valid only in certain limited conditions. We briefly explain these rights below:

You have the right to access your personal data and change, deleted or restrict, if necessary. In some cases, you may have the right to the portability of your data. You may also ask us not to send marketing communication and not to use your personal data when we create a profile for direct marketing purposes. In these e-mails, you can select e-mail bulletins and other marketing communication by monitoring the disabled instructions given to you. Even if you give up marketing communication, transactional account messages will not be affected.



If you want to express a concern about using your information (and without prejudice to other rights you may have), we hope that we may have any queries or any query or any query, but you have the right to do it with your local audit authority. Concerns you may be about using your personal data.


Your Privacy Rights

MOIX may have collected, used and shared personal information about you, as explained in this privacy policy for business purposes. Each data category can be used by MOIX or shared with third parties as described in this privacy policy. MOIX users have the right to access and deleteMOIX 's information about them. Such requests can be sent to [email protected] via e -mail or by mail to Moano International. MOIX will not sell your personal information without your permission. MOIX will not discriminate against you as you exercise your rights within the scope of the constitutional rights.



Rejecting access to our services;

To get a different rate for the use of our services; or 

Provide a different service quality.



MOIX can update this policy periodically as necessary. You can access this policy at any time through our website.



The questions about this Privacy Policy should be for this e-mail address: [email protected]