MOIX Terms of Use

Last updated: 07 March 2023



These Terms of Use ("Terms") refer to our website and mobile application (collectively, the "Platform") and related content, features, software and applications on the Platform (collectively, the "Service"). These Terms also include our Privacy Policy available at

The Platform and Service are managed and maintained by MOANO INTERNATIONAL, MOANO (MOIX). The terms "we", "us" and "our" also refer to MOIX. The term "you" refers to the person visiting the Platform.

Please read these Terms carefully. They contain important information about your legal rights, including MOIX's and certain third-party limitations of liability, disclaimers of warranty, and filing for jurisdiction. Whenever you access the Service by any means (for example, over the Internet or a mobile device), you irrevocably agree to abide by the version of the Terms posted on the Platform at the time you access the Platform. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use the Platform or the Service.



To access or use the Service, you must be at least a minor in your applicable jurisdiction. The Service is strictly for your personal, non-commercial use unless you enter into a separate contract with us for your commercial use. If we have terminated any of your accounts or prohibited you from using the Platform or the Service, you should not use the Service.



You must have an account ("Account") with MOIX in order to use some parts of the Service. When you create an Account, you represent and warrant that you are at least the age of majority in your applicable jurisdiction, capable of entering into and performing legally binding agreements under applicable law, and that all information you provide is accurate. up-to-date, accurate and complete.

You are solely responsible for all activities under your account. We will not be liable in any way if your Password and/or Account is misused or used by a third party. Therefore, you agree to keep your password secure and to keep your account information up to date at all times.

You may not open more than one Account unless expressly permitted by MOIX and subject to the Terms and any other additional terms that MOIX determines solely and expressly. You must not lend, transfer or sell your Account or Account information to any other party or use another user's Account without their written consent.

MOIX may occasionally contact you at the email address you provided on your Account registration. You will not be able to opt out of such communications and it will be your responsibility to keep your e-mail address up to date. If you missed any communication due to an incorrect, outdated or incomplete e-mail address, MOIX will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your missed communication.



You should only use the Service as expressly permitted by these Terms. All rights not expressly granted to you are reserved by MOIX, its third-party providers and, if any, other relevant owners.

MOIX provides content through the Service that is the copyrighted and/or trademarked work of MOIX or its third-party licensors and suppliers (collectively, "Content, for clarity, Content means all such content accessed by you at any time. You acknowledge that the Service has been developed, compiled, prepared, revised, selected, and edited by MOIX and such third parties through the application of methods and standards. Comply with these Terms and any written requests made by MOIX to protect your and others' contractual, statutory and common law rights in the Service.

Subject to these Terms and your compliance with these Terms, MOIX hereby grants you your personal use of Content and use of this Service only. You agree not to use the Service or any Content for any commercial purpose. Except for the above license, you have no other rights to the Service or any Content, and you may not modify, edit, copy, distribute, reproduce, publish, display, perform, license, sell, rent, lease, loan, create derivative works from. The work of the Service or Content, any indexing, reverse engineering, modification, enhancement, access to, or any use of the Service or Content in any way.

If you violate any of these Terms, the above license will terminate automatically.


Prohibited Activities

You agree that you will not:

copy, modify or create derivative works of the Service or any Content;

Copy, manipulate or assemble any Content (including data) for the purpose of making it available to any third party;

trade, sell, rent, loan, rent or license any Content or access to the Services;

Using or serving any data mining, crawling, "scraping", robot or similar automated or data collection or extraction method on the Service, or manually accessing, obtaining, viewing or copying any part of the Service, or downloading or storing Content (unless expressly stated) MOIX authorized by). Certain data and other information within the scope of the Service are available by subscription or for a fee at;

Request information excessively or take any action that interferes with, disrupts or places an unnecessary burden on the Service or any server or network connected to the Service, or adversely affects the quality or availability of any Content or the speed or functionality of the Service;

introduce viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs or other malware into the Service or Platform, or use any device, software or routine to bypass any software or hardware that prohibits aggregated requests for information;

breach, circumvent or circumvent any security measures intended to limit or prevent access to the Platform, Content or Service; or 

otherwise attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Service, any Content or Service, or any computer system or network connected to any MOIX server, by hacking, password mining, unauthorized use of another person's password/credential, or otherwise;

Restrict, block or interfere with the use of the Service by any other user (including hacking or tampering with the Platform);

Promote or otherwise distribute through the Platform any computer program that damages, interferes with, interferes with, collects, releases or discloses any system, data or personal information of us or any third party;

use our trademarks, service marks, trade names or logos displayed on the Platform or any third party logos;

modify or remove any copyright or other proprietary notices in the Content;

The Website, Content or Service may be used for or in connection with (i) any activity that violates any applicable law, statute, statute or regulation, including but not limited to the Ministry of the Türkiye, or (ii) any illegal or unlawful Includes income from the activity.


Property and Intellectual Property

Subject to these Terms, you may view, print and copy the Content for your own personal use. You may not copy, reproduce, download, "scrape", store, transmit, broadcast, broadcast, modify, create derivative works from, display, perform, distribute, redistribute, sell, license, lease, rent, or otherwise use. transfer (in print, electronic or other format) or use any Content in any way that does not comply with these Terms, in whole or in part, without our prior written consent. To request permission to use any Content other than as expressly permitted in these Terms, please contact [email protected].

Between MOIX and you, all Content is owned or controlled by MOIX MOIX. MOIX, its logo, and any other product or service names or slogans displayed on the Service, except as noted below, are registered and/or common law trademarks of MOIX or its suppliers or licensors and may not be copied, imitated, or used by MOIX or the applicable trademark owner. in whole or in part without prior written consent. In addition, the look and feel of the Service, including all page headers, custom graphics, button icons, and scripts, is a service mark, trademark, and/or trade dress of MOIX and may not be copied, imitated, or used. in whole or in part without the prior written consent of MOIX. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned in the Service are the property of their respective owners.

Nothing in these Terms gives you any interest in the intellectual property of MOIX or any third party.

Any use or misuse of MOIX's trademarks or other intellectual property except as expressly permitted in these Terms is prohibited. If you know or suspect any infringement of the intellectual property rights of MOIX or its suppliers, you should notify MOIX immediately at [email protected].

"MOIX TOKEN" and all related logos, trademarks, service marks and trade names are the sole property of MOIX. The absence of a name, logo or other mark here does not constitute a waiver of all intellectual property rights established by MOIX. Other trademarks, names or logos used on the Website are the property of their respective owners. You are not authorized to use any of the above.

You agree that MOIX and/or its providers are copyrighted in all Content and reserve all rights in respect of such Content under applicable laws (including copyright laws and other intellectual property laws).

Linking to the Service from Your Website

You may embed one or more links to the Service (collectively, the "Link") on your own website ("Your Site"), but:

The link will only display the following text: "MOIX TOKEN" or "" Your site will not contain any illegal, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate content, as determined by us in our sole and absolute discretion;

All content that accompanies the Link or is on the same page as the Link (for example, the entire article in which the Link appears, even if not on the same page as the Link) will not otherwise look or feel. is likely to tarnish or dilute the goodwill associated with MOIX's name, reputation or any of its trademarks, trade names or service marks, as determined in MOIX's sole and absolute discretion; And

Nothing on your Site will contain any information that, in our sole and absolute discretion, may create the false impression that you, your Site, or any other website, service, person or entity is sponsored, endorsed, or otherwise supported by MOIX. or that any activity by you or anyone else has been approved by MOIX.

We may revoke our consent to a Link at any time, without notice, in our sole and absolute discretion. If we notify you that you are no longer able to link to the Service or to a page or document, you must remove all affected Links immediately (and in any event, within three (3) calendar days from the date of our notice).