• Sustainable Food and Clean Water
The expectation that there will be a serious decrease of 10% to 25% in agricultural
productivity by 2050 around the world has once again drawn attention to agricultural
production. It may seem impossible to prevent this, but we can conclude that it is possible to
achieve a sustainable and curable ecosystem in terms of food, thanks to the right and
rational initiatives to be made now. At least 70% more food production will be needed to
meet the demand of the 9.7 billion population projected for 2050. At the same time, when we
consider risks such as agricultural areas, limited water resources, and climate change, it is
clear that innovative solutions will be needed. Here, it comes to the fore how important it is to
develop agricultural production solutions that are especially resistant to climate change risks.
MOANO (MOIX) pioneers the development of high quality, productive seeds that are
resistant to drought, disease and climate change, which will bring superiority for the food
industry of the future. We will highlight our seeds, which we will use in the agricultural
products we will produce, in sustainable agricultural production. Increasing plant-based food
options; to make nutritious foods accessible to all, to double our products that contribute to
adequate and balanced nutrition by 2025; are among our main targets. We will continue to
increase our sustainable food project step by step in our direct activities in the process from
the field to the people until 2025.
When we look at the change in food systems globally, we see that some countries financially
support producers in agricultural production. However, this does not satisfy enough
producers economically. As MOANO (MOIX), with the support of our participants, we will
make the necessary initiatives to supply the basic needs of individuals and families with this
cooperation created globally within the framework of the places and criteria to be determined
by them. We aimed for this project to appeal to millions in order to contribute to a greener
planet, a healthier life and a developing economy.
MOANO (MOIX) continues its efforts to create a safer and more sustainable supply chain. In
recent years, the global problems experienced throughout the world and some negativities
between countries show that there are still many problems in the functioning and
transportation of the food chain. We observed that the leading countries as growers and
marketers of certain agricultural products are reluctant to export certain products in their
stocks to different countries. MOANO (MOIX), which has a human-oriented understanding in
its philosophy, has made some researches to spread it to large areas globally, and as a
result of these researches, it has aimed to be one step ahead in sustainable and good
agriculture projects by communicating with its participants.
Planet earth is like our super market! Our resources are global and limited. It is our
responsibility to protect nature while using these resources. Sustainability is a must for us!
Supply selection is very important, what you expect within the framework of sustainability is
very important. Recognizing our responsibilities in both production and consumption in line
with sustainable development goals is our main effort.

• Sustainability of Non-Genetically Modified Seeds
When we observed it both locally and globally, we realized that countries prioritize their
efforts to transfer the seeds of vegetables and fruits to future generations. In recent years, it
has been observed that seed banks have been established in countries with large
populations and leading agricultural technologies such as Israel, Spain, Italy, Russia, the
Netherlands, Turkey, New Zealand, and the People's Republic of China.
Some of us, big or small, have a garden or a field that they use for hobby or commercial
purposes. When the season comes, we do our planting and planting in our gardens and
fields. However, when we come to the point of applying vegetable and fruit seeds and
applying seeds from the previous year in the next year, we already seem to hear that we
encounter a problem. “-The seeds of the peas we planted last year did not come out this
year!” like or similar sentence. Here, the leading countries in the technological improvement
and genetic modification of seeds make them dependent on the other countries and people
by making them a single planting in order to sell their seeds to the countries they are
exporting for years.
In the course of time, the farmers or the users who apply these seeds individually,
experience the sadness of not being able to carry out their secondary planting. In this
process, we heard “-Original seeds used to be.” What you said has come. Yes, at this point,
when you go back to the past and research, the existence of high-quality, high-yielding and
sustainable seeds emerges.

These vegetables and fruits, which have not been genetically modified, have survived to the
present day by planting and harvesting for years and transferring their seeds to the next
generations. These seeds, known as “Ancestral Seeds” in countries like Turkey, continue to
be applied through state-controlled organizations such as TİGEM.
We want to reach the original seeds (tomato, pepper, carrot, lettuce, parsley, potato,
strawberry, watermelon, melon...) of vegetables and fruits that are cultivated all over the
world and that lead the main category of basic foods and offer them to our users.
In the example above, we only mentioned the seeds of a few key crops. But we can extend it
to a larger generality in terms of vegetables. MOANO (MOIX) aims to research these seeds,
which have not been genetically modified in the laboratory and will be transferred from the
previous generation to the next generation, and present them to the use of its members. With

the MOIX CARDs defined to the users, users will be able to reach and buy the non-
genetically modified vegetable and fruit seeds they wish.

In addition, with the planted vegetable and fruit seeds sent to our users in different parts of
the world in a global sense, users will be able to procure the products obtained from these
seeds, regardless of country, from the specified locations with their MOIX CARDs for a fee or
free of charge.
In this process, users will be given the right to shop monthly with MOIX POINTS to be given
on a yearly basis.

• Renewable and Free Electricity Energy
MOANO MOIX has observed the energy crisis in recent years with the pandemic and has
deepened its research in this regard. The worldwide decrease in fossil fuels and the
existence of fears and threats about nuclear energy lead us to different alternative and
renewable energy sources. The sun is one of the renewable and permanent energy sources.
After MOANO MOIX reaches a volume of more than $ 50 million in the field of solar energy, it
will start its first studies on the installation of solar panels, their operation and transfer to their
users. A MOIX member consumer will be able to use the electricity they used in their home
free of charge. As "SOLAR PANEL" (Brand Application Number 2022/047335), our
applications for Turkish and international trademarks have been made and solar farm
installations will begin after the project comes to life and reaches the specified volume.
There are companies that conduct electricity transmission and marketing in countries other
than the main suppliers. MOANO is counting the days to become one of these companies in
MOIX. Our users will be able to use the electricity used in homes and the electricity used in
charging stations for electric cars free of charge from the moment the installations start and
take effect.
In addition, with the "CHARGING STATION" brand (Brand Application Number
2022/049007), our users will be able to charge their electric cars free of charge both in
Turkey and in different parts of the world.
Again, wind turbines will be built in order to generate renewable electrical energy at
determined points and to offer it to its users free of charge. MOANO MOIX's implementation
of all these projects is expected to take an average of 2 years.
MOIX TOKEN has made the necessary attempts to be listed and traded on exchanges such
as binance. Apart from Binance, he made attempts to take part in exchanges such as
Coinmarketcap, Pancakeswap, Uniswap and Binance